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TERA - Active all Aluminum Subwoofer

The TERA subwoofer system is the indispensable complimentary product to our mid-high frequency loudspeakers such as YOCTO, FEMTO, EXA and YOTTA. This monolithic transducer has been designed to be used in pairs or in scalable power systems requiring more and more power. The subwoofer is constructed entirely with 15 mm aluminum sides, bolted together from inside the cabinet. It includes two long excursion 10" Ferrite-magnet drivers.

We addressed some of the most common issues that affect high end subwoofers such as internal cabinet resonances, structural integrity, absence of coloration, integration of professional and dependable electronics. TERA is also a scalable solution where higher power is achieved by adding more identical units achieving unprecedented performance.

Internal Cabinet Resonances

Standing waves generally take place if there is a correlation between the internal dimensions of the box and the half wavelength of any given frequency. TERA is a cube with internal sides measuring just 300 mm leading to resonances that are far away from the usable frequency range the system is intended to operate, as confirmed by the extremely low distortion.

Structural Integrity

While far more expensive compared to a common MDF cabinet, an aluminum structure eliminates 99% of the structural vibrations imposed by the low frequency drivers. The absence of structural Instabilities can be identified in the smooth 2nd harmonic behavior. The symmetrical arrangement of the drivers effectively cancels out transducer cone mass induced vibration within the enclosure resulting in a vibrationally balanced system.

Absence of Coloration

In terms of sound purity closed (sealed) cabinets are the best choice because they provide only the cancellation of the energy generated by the back side of the drivers. Though Reflex cabinets, transmission lines and horns are more efficient, they add coloration to music, something sealed systems don’t do.

Integration of professional electronics

Power is useless without control. Subwoofers when installed in a room generate room modes (standing waves). Those standing waves add substantial energy to music and should be addressed trough proper EQ. When it comes to high end reproduction only professional grade Parametric EQ’s and DSP algorithms should be considered. Lange Loudspeakers SA acquired a broad experience in professional audio during the last 30 years and we know how important a solid low frequency fundament is. Parametric EQ, Limiters, time alignment as well as crossover typology and nature are all parameters that must be taken in consideration when it comes to proper subwoofer integration.

TERA includes 600W @ 4Ω of power to drive two 10” drivers with 15mm usable excursion. Class D operation if perfectly suited for low frequency reproduction because of the maximized efficiency, dynamic range, and absence of distortion. Power consumption in stand-by is less than 2W, just 10W on idle, thermal dissipation is granted by the entire aluminum cabinet, those amplifiers will never run hot!

If you are concerned about control and fine tuning all the tools are already implemented into the cabinet and accessible trough RJ485 port and suitable software. Your local distributor will support you in the tuning process and make sure that the subwoofers are properly aligned with our mid-high frequency loudspeaker systems.

Scalable Power

Most subwoofers are designed around large cone drivers to achieve higher sound pressure. While this approach works well for very low frequencies the higher portion of the spectrum may becomes less dynamic. Large drivers have heavy moving parts, require large cabinets and excessive power. TERA subwoofers are designed in a way that more units can be used together maintaining a very small footprint. A large system requiring 10 subwoofers per side will still appear relatively small but can deliver up to 140 decibels continuously (150 decibels peak).

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Lange Loudspeakers SA this outstanding Subwoofer will grant years of dependable service, close to perfect reproduction, remarkable power, and a finishing touch second to none.

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