Bricasti Design M21 DAC

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Bricasti’s 'Classic Series’ M21 is a natural evolution of both the M1 Special Edition and M12 Dual Mono Source Controller models.

Sporting incredibly advanced architecture, the M21 can select up to three independent digital-to-analogue paths: 24 bit delta sigma, 20 bit ladder dac and true 1 bit DSD for all DSD content.

All digital input types are supported, and a direct output is available along with hardwire bypass functionality to skip the M21’s analogue attenuator circuit.

M21 connects seamlessly into any home network as a powerful media renderer, recognisable as a DNLA device and capable of transmitting pristine, long distance data with no loss or degradation of signal.

Main Features

  • Three DA paths
  • Switchable Delta Sigma, ladder DAC or 1-bit DSD
  • All digital input types supported
  • Direct outputs
  • Hardwire bypass
  • DNLA discoverable
  • Made by hand in USA

A stunning piece of digital to analog conversion technology, Bricasti Designs’ M21 boasts three independent and user-selectable DA signal paths: 24-bit delta sigma, 20-bit ladder DAC and true single bit DSD.

As a continued evolution of Bricasti’s M1 Special Edition DAC and M12 dual mono source controller models, the M21 advanced architecture allows support for a wide range of digital and analogue input types, along with a direct output and hard-wire analogue attenuator bypass options enabling users to route the M21 directly to an external preamp.

The M21 is discoverable on any wired-Ethernet network as a DNLA device and serves as a powerful media renderer with pristine results even over longer distances, catering to even far-reaching AV and home audio layouts.

Main Features

  • Three independent signal paths
  • True DSD
  • DNLA discoverable
  • Powerful media rendering
  • Long distance data transmission without loss
  • True hard-wire analogue attenuator bypass
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