Lange Loudspeakers High End Lautsprecher

Lange Loudspeakers High End Lautsprecher

Lange Loudspeakers YOCTO

Axmann Audio is distributor for Lange Loudspeakers

As a privately owned and fully independent company, Lange Loudspeakers SA has been established by Hans Lange back in 1992; The company’s roots are founded in the design and manufacturing of high-power horn loaded loudspeakers as well as line arrays.

During the last decade, beside from starting loudspeaker component manufacturing on OEM basis we also designed loudspeakers and components that could compete under any aspect with other well known High-End Loudspeaker brands on the market. Today Lange Loudspeakers SA is introducing a growing family of High-End loudspeakers utilizing aluminum as material for the cabinets and custom engineered loudspeaker components.

As Lange Loudspeakers SA moves into the future, it will continue to keep an eye on the past. As the industrial design of our products continues to advance to keep up with the times our technological approach remains focussed on solid and well proven theories established when audio was young.

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Lange YOCTO broadband speaker

Product no.: Lange YOCTO

The loudspeaker YOCTO has a single broadband driver and a  CNC-Housing built out of massive Aluminium.

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Lange TERA Subwoofer

Product no.: Lange TERA

The Subwoofer TERA is manufactured from massive Aluminium,
this results in a very low distortion of the bass frequencies.

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New Lange ATTO Aktivlautsprecher

Product no.: Lange ATTO

Theactive  loudspeaker ATTO has two drivers and a  CNC-Housing built out of massive Aluminium.

9,400.00 / pair(s) *
In stock
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Bank ayment with  2% rebate (6% above 2000 € !)
5 years guaranty
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