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The new SilverX2 cable:

SilverX2 is the new silver cable of  Dr. Michael Axmann.

The new interconnects are handmade.

Axmann Audiotechnik produces only silver cables. With SilverX2 Axmann presents now a measured better performance with great sound.

SilverX2 silver cable uses only wire in
4 N silver quality.The capacity could be reduced to around 20 pF/m.

KLE- Harmonx Stecker mit Silberkabel

(Länge: 1,0 m, Anwendung: Cinchkabel, Plug: KLEI Absolute Harmony)

The Silver X2 is a pure silver cable with 2 solid core silver wires. The SilverX2 was built in a german cable manufacturing plant.


530.00 / pair(s) *

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can be shipped within 1 days

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Hifi Silver Cable

Hifi Silver Cable

  • Pure solid core silver interconnects for
  • RCA and XLR connections
  • Plugs from WBT, KLEI, Neutrik, Furutech
Benchmark Media

Benchmark Media

Benchmark Media
passionate about the audio quality, durability and build quality



Bricasti Design

Bricasti Design

Bricasti Design is a professional audio company.

In Germany the hifi products come exclusive  from Axmann Audio

KLEI Harmony Phono/RCA Plugs

KLEI Harmony Phono/RCA Plugs

Axmann Audiotechnik is the german distributor of the new KLE  plugs - they offer best sound quality

Infos and Tests

Infos and Tests

Silberkabel von Axmann Audio - "Geheimtipp" und kostengünstige Alternative zum Wettbewerb



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