Silver Speaker cable

Lautsprecherkabel mit Reinsilberleitern

  •  1 (LS-1), 2 (LS-2) or 4 (LS-4) Axiom 3 cable in in parallel
  • to adjust the needed gauge
  • 4N pure silver,  99,99%
  • Axiom3 Silberkabel: with four solid core silver wires (0,7 mm)


Silver Speaker cable

LS-4 with silver spades

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Axiom 3 speaker cable LS-4 braided

Product no.: Lautsprecherkabel LS-4
  • 4 Axiom3 cables braided
  • gauge is 4 times the normal LS cable with one Axiom 3
  • Biwiring possible

The cables can be made to your choice


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Axiom 3 speaker cable LS-2 winded

Product no.: Lautsprecherkabel LS-2

Top loadspeaker cable with pure silver wire 

Top alternative to Kimber, Nordost, Audioquest, Audionote

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Axiom 3 speaker cable LS-1

Product no.: Lautsprecherkabel LS-1

The pure sound of silver - base ist the silver cable Axiom 3 - pure 4N silver,
four wire , quad silver cable
with Silber Hohlbananas


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